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ctgr installs 80 wind turbines for its ulanqab project


china three gorges renewables (group) co., ltd. (ctgr, ticker: sse 600905) announced that it has completed the installation of all 80 wind turbines at its demonstration project (phase i) of new-generation grid-friendly green power station in ulanqab, inner mongolia, on novermber 22.

the ulanqab project is currently part of the world's largest demonstration project for the integrated solution of power supply, power grid, power load and energy storage and the first such project in china. it has a planned capacity of 1.7 million kilowatts of wind power and 300,000 kw of photovoltaic power, supplemented with a 550,000-kw energy storage system.

upon completion, the project will become the largest single new energy station worldwide by energy storage capacity and ratio. with new technologies such as energy storage, it will ensure power supply during intermittent periods of peak demand in new energy areas through optimized operation of wind and photovoltaic power and energy storage. it will also address the issues like low overall efficiency of the power system, lack of coordinated operation in power source, power grid and power load, and insufficient complementarities of various power sources, greatly improving the level of clean energy consumption, and strengthening power supply during periods of peak load in inner mongolia.