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onshore wind power

ctgr is vigorously advancing the development of onshore wind power and is focusing on supplementary uhv transmission projects and large-scale projects to continuously optimize its strategic presence. as of today, the company has acquired over 30 million kilowatts of resources, and its operational onshore wind power projects cover 25 provinces and autonomous regions in china, including inner mongolia, xinjiang and yunnan, with a cumulative installed capacity of over 7.5 million kilowatts.

  • demonstration project for coordinated "source–grid–load–storage" operation in ulanqab, inner mongolia (3 million kilowatts)

    notably, the project, the world's largest demonstration coordinated "source-grid-load-storage" operation, is accelerating the construction of a modern economic system for energy and promoting high-quality economic and social development in the local region.

  • 400,000kw wind farm in siziwang, inner mongolia

    the farm, asia’s largest single onshore wind power project, plays an active and significant role in accelerating the large-scale development and management of the onshore wind power industry.

  • 150,000kw wind farm in kangbao, hebei province

    the farm is a supplementary flexible dc transmission project for the beijing 2022 winter olympics, as well as a key power source for the ±500kv flexible dc transmission project in zhangbei county, hebei province. it plays a significant role in utilizing clean energy, improving air quality, optimizing the power supply structure, and supporting a green winter olympics.

  • 60,000kw wind farm in baituo town, qingshui county, gansu province

    the farm is a key clean energy project, supported by the national energy administration, as well as a major industrial project for poverty alleviation in qingshui county, tianshui city, gansu province. it features an organic combination of enterprise development and targeted poverty alleviation.