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offshore wind power

ctgr is steadfastly committed to becoming a leading offshore wind developer in an orderly manner. focused on scaling up offshore wind power in contiguous areas, the company has formed a rolling development pattern, through which development resources are secured and projects are planned, prepared, constructed and put into operation in batches. as of today, it has accumulatively acquired over 30 million kilowatts of resources, and its operational offshore wind power projects span four coastal provinces in china - fujian, guangdong, jiangsu and liaoning - with a cumulative installed capacity of 1.3 million kilowatts (kw). five offshore wind farm bases in guangdong, fujian and jiangsu provinces have taken shape, with each having an installed capacity of at least one million kw.

  • 214,500kw offshore wind farm in xiangshui, jiangsu province

    xiangshui wind farm is the largest single offshore wind power project in china, and includes the country’s first 220kv offshore booster station. the project involved laying the first 220kv submarine cable in china, and incubating and applying a tubular composite foundation, making it a role model for domestic offshore wind power development.

  • 300mw offshore wind farm in zhuanghe, liaoning province

    northern china’s first offshore wind power project, zhuanghe wind farm makes use of an innovative ice-resistant cone structure, accumulating valuable experience in developing new offshore wind power technologies in frigid northern waters.

  • 77.4mw xinghua bay pilot wind farm in fuqing, fujian province

    it is the world’s first pilot high-power offshore wind farm to comprise eight large-capacity wind turbines made by manufacturers domestically and abroad promotes the development of ‘made in china’ offshore wind power.

  • 800mw offshore wind power project in rudong, jiangsu province

    currently under construction, rudong wind farm is china’s first ±400kv flexible dc transmission offshore wind power project. it includes a flexible dc cable that boasts china’s biggest transmission capacity and longest transmission distance. the wind farm will serve as a model for the development and construction of domestic high-capacity offshore wind farms.