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photovoltaic power

ctgr is striving to accelerate the development of photovoltaics, and attaches equal importance to centralized and distributed photovoltaic power generation. it is seizing opportunities to adopt solar-plus business models, which marry farming, fishing and storage with solar power, and follows a development strategy of expanding from pilot cities to the whole country. as of today, ctgr has accumulatively acquired over 30 million kilowatts of solar resources, and operates solar projects across 21 provinces and autonomous regions, including qinghai, shanxi and shaanxi, with a cumulative installed capacity of over 7gw.

  • 150mw photovoltaic power station in huainan, anhui province

    the world’s largest floating solar farm, this solar project has transformed bodies of water created by coal mining subsidence into green energy hubs, and serves as a great example of renewable energy development in china.

  • 500mw photovoltaic power station in golmud, qinghai province

    the power station, the first large-scale grid parity photovoltaic project in china, provides affordable clean energy to thousands of households, and heralded a new era of grid parity for the domestic photovoltaic industry.

  • 200mw photovoltaic power station in quyang, hebei province

    the building of the power station, the single largest photovoltaic project built on a mountain in china, led to many technological innovations in the industry. the quyang model project is based on the solar-plus development model, which targets poverty alleviation as well as power production.

  • 250mw photovoltaic power station in tongchuan, shaanxi province

    the power station, one of the first three leading photovoltaic technology projects to be approved by the national energy administration, integrates photovoltaic power, agriculture, poverty alleviation and tourism. it effectively promotes environmental protection, the optimization of the power supply structure and diversified energy supply in tongchuan.